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Joomla! CMS for all web solutions!

Westedge Joomla is proud to deliver Joomla! 2.5 and now 3.0 to Greater Vancouver, and all of British Columbia and beyond!

Version 3.0 extension support  is now pervasive enough a content management system that users count on with up-to-date  functionality of an open source technology that is made for the new responsive internet reality. Joomla CMS web fans  require fast easy learning curves, multi-facetted functionality, and appropriate results. Never has it been easier to get up and running, and maintain your web site.

Westedge Joomla offers you web solutions to fit your specific need. For each business requirement there are completely functional, varied and attractive options with the Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0 extensions, plugins, and components. As well, third party templates that are written for touch screen devices such as smartphones and tablets are not only essential but expand with your communication strategy. Yes, be ready for today's savvy market who need your information on the go. Statistics of 'on-click' ads show that increasingly that more 60% are being accessed by smartphones and tablets.

Social Media as well is becoming the defacto strategy for businesses and organizations to funnel traffic to their webpages via social networks. With Joomla! you can easily customize your connection to all varieties of social media and integrate them within your business strategy.

Domain Finder. Search Top Level Domains (TLDs) on the domain finder for the one you want. If you already have a domain, even better, contact us on how to 'repoint' your domain to our servers.

The Plans. Westedge Joomla offers three solutions that provide appropriate space requirements and technical support for all needs. Click around and find your business requirements or contact us for more information.

Joomla! is currently the most accessible Content Management System, and because Joomla! is open source technology you do not pay the exorbitant cost of a proprietary CMS! With Westedge Joomla's signup cost you get all the space and bandwidth you need, and the setup of your site. The initial consult is FREE! With the thousands of Joomla! templates, modules, plugins, and components available, your site will then be up and running in no time. Note the advantages of Westedge Joomla:

  • HTML5 format
  • A vast variety of extensions including photo viewers
  • Customizable links to social networks
  • Customizable Joomla! module positions
  • eCommerce solutions
  • PayPal integration