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Westedge Joomla was established in 2011 to provide comprehensive and personable service for the development and hosting of Joomla content management sites, the most accessible and functional CMS for small business. It was during this time that database driven websites started to take off in popularity whereby businesses could adapt to a framework that was becoming more and more streamlined. As well, with the thousands of extensions, plugins, and modules available, Joomla becomes highly functionality with only a few clicks.

While Westedge Joomla service began with a target market of the Greater Vancouver's lower mainland, this was to quickly spread to all points within BC and Canada. Deployment of a website is easily initiated via a few phone calls to establish business requirements, workflow, and development, as well hosting servers are completely Canadian based and secure.

Westedge Joomla is here to provide service that will take the technicallities that are most often only encountered during the setup of your site. If you are willing to take a larger responsibility for your site, full access via Cpanel is at your disposal, as well with the latest version of Softaculous and all the available scripts included (Drupal, Wordpress, eCommerce, and more). If you prefer to leave these technicalities to us, this can be arranged as well for a modest annual fee tailored to your needs.

Functionality is only limited to your imagination; from Blogs to Wikis, from Image Galleries to eCommerce - Westedge Joomla is here for you. Social media integration, email setup, SEO, web analyics will all be available to you with your web presense. Send us an email or give us a call now to get your website out before the world.